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All in one - Digital Advertising System

Do you want to establish an advertising or information display network? Do you want to be able to install it in 5 minutes and have it connect to your content delivery systems & online monitoring? Do you want to resell it branded as your own product? The all in one Digital Advertising System has everything you need whether it's 5 or 5000 screens.

  • Deploy your own advertising or info network
  • Built in Sim unit - can be deployed anywhere with remote access
  • Online monitoring system
  • Quick install & connect
  • High spec future-proofed hardware

We developed this entire system to ensure maximum up-time, fast install & monitoring of unlimited sites

What can i use it for?

Start an advertising network

Kick off a business and sell to your own customers. Brand the entire system as your own and grow an advertising network.

Create an info network

Control your network of screen from one location. Create an info network and send relative content to relative departments, wards or classrooms.

Internal info / ad network

Got multiple stores you want to create in internal advertising & info network? Create and deploy all your advertising across all your stores.

Transportation un-tethered

Custom SIM card module for all networks and small form factor means you can deploy a unit and have remote access to it on the move.

Resell the whole package

Package the whole thing up as your own and resell the entire package of software, hardware and monitoring console.

Public spaces un-tethered

Wireless remote access to your outdoor advertising network means any location that has a Sim network enables full network control.

Perfect for...

Shopping centers

Run multiple screens and target different areas of the complex. Control what ads are played when and where throughout the network.

Hospitals & clinics

Send ward or location specific info & video to screens throughout the hospital or health centres. Run health campaigns targeted at specific regions.


Deploy course related info and notifications to students within the campus. Control what is screened from a single workstation. Events, groups, workshops.


Let the students know what's going on with videos deployed to different departments. Create ads & info for activities, trips, events and class info.


Run class schedules, membership offers, event info & product ads on screens around a single gym or multiple locations.

Single shop - multiple screens

Have a large store? Install at multiple locations around a single store and show offers & promos for each department.

Public transport

Develop strategic campaigns to run on public transport & stations. Schedule ads based on shops along a route. Schedule ads: Coffee from 6 til 9

Offices & workplace

Deploy project and team related content to locations in a single office or multiple work locations. Schedule reminders, deadlines, events & meeting info.


Showcase your latest products in your showroom or shop window. Display way more content than a brochure and capture the foot traffic attention.

Digital Advertising System

Simple deployment - Unlimited sites


Plug & Play

Plug the hardware into any TV via HDMI, no need for a smart TV, the box has all the brainpower.  Comes with wireless air mouse and fixings to attach it to the back of the screen so it's hidden out of view.

Wifi, Ethernet or Custom Sim

Connect your internet via Wifi, Ethernet or via the custom Sim Card Slot that covers all major frequencies in all countries.

Easy install

Run through the 5-minute installation.  This uses the customer data and connects the installation to Xibo CMS for content delivery, Team Viewer & the Dash, all automatically from the info captured on install.

All connected auto

After install you can log in and manage everywhere:  you will see your install ready to manage & monitor in the dash, log into Xibo CMS and deploy content, log into Team Viewer and remote control the node.  No additional setup required.

The system

In the dash, now you can see what installs are online/offline and quickly diagnose and resolve to maintain maximum uptime.  You can see all the installation info and customer data for each location.  See the Xibo CMS and Team Viewer details.  Also, each node is associated with the hardware id of the install so whether it's a small network or large, it's easy to track and trace installations & manage nodes.


Now everything is up and running you can start creating layouts for your content.  We also look after content creation & video ads so if you need something created, we can make it, add it to your media library and you can schedule where ever and when ever you like.


The entire solution is designed so you can expand your own advertising & info networks.  Once the dash is setup you can add as many nodes as you like and grow.  Use local installers or the customer themselves to set it up, once done, all the management & control for the full network can come from a single computer.

Let's get a network kicked off

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